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Abolition Ecology

Abolition Ecology is a lens to view the intersections of policing, surveillance and the prison industrial complex with capitalism extraction and exploitation destroying the planet’s ecosystems. Abolition Ecology identifies points of convergence in the landscape where carceral capitalism and ecological destruction meet and works to imagine an ecosocialist horizon beyond the police state. 

DSA Santa Cruz Ecosocialist Working Group

The DSA Santa Cruz Ecosocialist Working Group organizes to fight capitalism and build local power for climate, environmental and multi-species justice. We work to spread an understanding that capitalism and imperialism must be fought against to promote the health of our planet and its inhabitants through public information campaigns, agitprop, literature, and mutual aid.

Sign in shape of a tree with quote from Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Our notion of “abolition ecology” is inspired by the work of prison abolitionist Ruth Wilson Gilmore. She explains “…abolition has to be ‘green.’ It has to take seriously the problem of environmental harm, environmental racism, and environmental degradation. To be ‘green’ it has to be ‘red.’ It has to figure out ways to generalize the resources needed for well-being for the most vulnerable people in our community, which then will extend to all people.” We argue that this optic is essential in connecting environmentalism to social justice, ecology to decarceration, and environmental violence to police violence, which broadens our politics to a radical intersectionalist approach to oppression and justice.

In our understanding, to be red and green points to the work of Red Nation, who theorize “red” as both indigenious and socialist. In their 2020 pamphlet Communism is The Horizon, Indigenious Feminism is the Way, they write “Communism is our past and our horizon. Indigenous people have always been communists. We call for communism in our prayers because communism is our rightful relation with the earth. When we hear “from the bottom up,” we think of liberation achieved from reflecting on the experiences of life from the grassroots to the next world—literally that which emerges from below the earth and grows upward to greet the sun.”

Join Us!

DSA is the largest socialist organization in the country. We have 90,000 dues paying members. In DSA, we believe that working people should democratically run the economy and society to meet human needs. We understand that transforming our world will require more than voting. It will require building multi-racial working-class power in our workplaces, in our buildings, in our neighborhoods, and in the streets.

Join us in organizing for a Green and Red Deal for Santa Cruz! Share with us your ideas of what these policies would look  for our town and county as we work together to prefigure the world we want to live in!

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