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The Ecosocialist Working Group organizes to fight capitalism and build local power for climate, environmental, and multi-species justice. We work to spread an understanding that capitalism and imperialism must be fought against to cultivate the health of our planet and all of its beings, and we do so through public information campaigns, agitprop, literature, mutual aid, and direct actions. It is not enough to de-carbonize; we must also de-capitalize and decolonize.

In Santa Cruz, our work connects to a wide range of campaigns: working on housing justice (including for the unhoused), fighting against gentrification, and opposing the over-policing of the city is all integral to the environmental health of our city. Struggling for a Green New Deal, locally and nationally, means opposing a green capitalist future. We promote socialist ideas at Earth Day and climate strike events, and regularly hold radical education events.

Our working group meets weekly on Thursday evenings at 6pm. All are welcome to join.


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